The history of our work

Pr. Tom have been working in Laos since 2009 and in Thailand since 2012, Pr. Deuane is a native to Laos and has served in the church since 19 years of age. Heart for Mission Laos-Thailand is co-directed by Pastor Thomas Thorstad, a Lutheran Minister, and his wife, Pastor Vongdeuane Sengone, a Laotion Minister of the local Lao churches. Pr. Thomas and Pr. Vongdeuane lived in Laos until 2017-2018, when they transition back to the USA. Laos’s primary work was done through a local Laos national church in the capital city and through a ministry site in Vientiane Province launched in 2013 from a 3.2 hector piece of land into an operating ministry site for ministry. The work in Thailand is in partnership with local missionaries and local Thai pastors developed while Pr. Thomas directed a regional network that hosted a regional conference for church leaders and missionaries to network together for the sake of a biblically-based gospel.

Our heart is to support the churches and the mission of the Gospel in Laos and Thailand to see the unreached people connected with the Gospel. Their goal is to bring teams to Laos and Thailand to support the local ministry and churches through short-term or long-term missions. By focusing on Education development, leadership development, lay church engagement through sports, music ministries, and through our ministry sites that are in development in Laos and Thailand. We hope that churches and individuals will come alongside our years of experience to support Laos and Thailand’s ministry work

Farm Ministry Site:

In 2013, we launched a ministry site. Start as a farm in which we were able to employ multiple families that were at risk and able to support the local churches in that region of the country. It became a working place and reason for our presence in the community that was welcomed by local leaders. 

The site began with a piece of land and through the support of international partners, we were able to build a farm site with housing for locals, a water supply, and a high voltage of electricity connection. At one point we had pigs, mushrooms, chickens present on the farm. However, we faced many challenges and never became a self-supporting site. Our goal is to make this site a full self-support site for local workers and other missionaries hoping to serve in the country to reach out to the community. 

We are looking for key partners to help have the ministry farm site revived and developed for a long-term self-supporting site that will be able to support future ministry in the region. 

We ask you to pray and consider joining us to support these elements for the future of the church and outreach.

Sport’s Ministry:

In 2012 we help start and support the National Sports ministry with the Lao Evangelical Church. We continued the partnership over the years. With their vast expansion, we desire to continue to grow this ministry. Currently, they are able to reach out to 1,000s of students to adults every week through this ministry for the sake of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and disciple them in their faith. This number could easily increase if they were able to meet their yearly full budget. However, they have not been able to do so. 

Their current budget is around 33,500 a year. Our hope is to support up to 50% of their yearly need.

We ask you to pray and consider joining us to support these elements for the future of the church and outreach. 

Online Music and Theological Development Ministry

Music is an important part of all cultures and is an important outreach of the church. The need to support the rural churches with resources for worship and theological training has become so required it can not be ignored. Challenges that face rural churches are the cost of travel for training related to church worship and theological development is expensive. With the advances of technology, the ability to bring some of those resources to them is convenient and saves funds to be used for other needs ministry of the church. 

For this reason, we desire to partner with the Lao church to help develop their capacity for professional recording and online storage of these record resources for worship and theological development. 

Example of the first record Christmas Song: 

Lao Music Christmas Ministry

The cost to maintain the website and recordings can cost over $2,000 dollars a year. There is the cost for administration over this ministry of 20,000 yearly. 

There are additional one-time costs for Recording equipment and instruments costs around $45,000.00.

There are additional one-time costs for building facilities for recording of both worship songs and theological development resources of $45,000

We ask you to pray and consider joining us to support these elements for the future of the church and outreach. 

Teaching theological education in Southeast Asia.

Studies have shown that the more education a pastor has in the local church the more self-sustaining their church will become. However, the majority of pastors do not hold even a bachelor’s degree and even fewer hold a master level degree in theology or ministry. 

The churches in Southeast Asia: Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam in a theological draught where there are not enough theological educated pastors to support the pastors and local church and seminaries. 

We are looking for partners that will join us in supporting mission trips overseas to send theologians for study abroad. 

We are also looking for theologians who have an M.Th, Ph.D., D.Th., or D.Min. that are willing to come overseas to support small seminaries for short-term trips for teaching. 

A trip can cost around 3,000 to 5,000 for teaching and 2,000 for travel expenses.